Narrow, broad and custom reach settings


Reach settings allow you to see the context of coded content or extend the coding to include the context.  For example, you can use reach settings to see the paragraph surrounding coded text, or extend the coding to the surrounding paragraph.  

What do you want to do?


Use reach settings to see more context in a node

When you explore coding references in a node, you can choose to see more or less of the original source context—on the View tab, in the Detail View group, click Node and then choose a coding context.

You use reach settings to see context (surrounding text displayed in light grey) on the References pane in node Detail View:

I feel very worried about climate change, especially the impact on my children. We live on the coast so I am particularly concerned about rising sea levels and the destruction of the beautiful coral reefs. The problems seem overwhelming and I don't know where to start.

View or change the default reach settings

To view or change the default settings for narrow and broad reach:

  1. Choose NVivo > Preferences.

  1. On the General pane, next to Context/Spread/Proximity, click Narrow or Broad.

  2. Move through the tabs to view or change the default settings for each type of source content.

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