Save and copy projects


When you are working with a project, you should save your project frequently and make regular backup copies. Saving and copying your project can help prevent loss of data in the event of a power outage or hardware malfunction.

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Save my open project

We recommend that you save your work at regular intervals and make backup copies of your project. Saving your project frequently is the best way to protect your data and preserve your work.

To save your project:

  • Choose File > Save.

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Copy an NVivo project

Locate and then copy the project file using the Finder (outside of NVivo for Mac).

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NVivo saves your changes to a temporary version of your project at regular intervals, however this is not a substitute for manually saving your work by clicking Save. Regularly saving the file is the surest way to preserve the work that you have done, but sometimes NVivo closes before you can save changes to your project - for example, when:

  • A power outage occurs.

  • Your system is made unstable by another software application.

  • Something goes wrong with the NVivo software.

Although you cannot always prevent such problems, you can take steps to protect your work by clicking Save at regular intervals to ensure that your recent changes are saved in your project.

If NVivo shuts down unexpectedly, the temporary project file is not deleted and the next time you launch NVivo, you will be asked whether you want to keep changes that were not explicitly saved—you can choose to keep the changes or revert to the last time you explicitly saved the project.

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