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Color can help you to scan and locate items in coding stripes. It can also help you to locate related items in List View. You can assign colors to sources, nodes, attribute values and project users.

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Why assign item colors?

NVivo gives you the option of assigning item colors to sources, nodes, attribute values, and users. At different stages of your project you may decide to use color in different ways.

You can assign item colors to:

  • Visually distinguish nodes in coding stripes.

  • Identify items assigned to different users—for example, sources that Mark needs to code are blue and sources that Sally needs to code are orange.

  • Keep track of significant nodes by giving them a color—for example, the node rising sea level could be assigned blue.

  • Add emphasis to particular sources or nodes—for example, nodes representing important or critical issues could be colored red.

  • Indicate progress—for example, green for sources where coding is completed, as shown below:

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What colors can I assign?

NVivo provides seven colors: blue, green, purple, red, pink, orange and yellow.

You can assign these colors to:

  • Sources

  • Nodes

  • Attribute values

  • Users

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Where can I see item colors?

You can display item colors in the following:

  • List View (for sources and nodes)

  • Coding stripes

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How do I see item colors in coding stripes?

When you display coding stripes, you can:

  • Display random system generated colors, or

  • Show the item colors—for example, the colors you have assigned to nodes.

Refer to Set colors for more information.

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